I’m reading 50 books in 2012.

So, I’m pretty awesome, right?  I’m going to read 50 books this year.  At least, that was what I had planned to do at the beginning of the year.  And so far, things are moving along at a decent pace.  I’ve read 7 books so far and I am about to finish my 8th book.  I’ve taken too long on two of the books, but hopefully, I can make up some ground soon.  I’ll try to update this as often as I think about it. 

Here is a list of the books I have read so far:

  1. Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins
  2. Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins
  3. Superman: Earth One (graphic novel) – written by: J. Michael Straczynski and penciled by Shane Davis
  4. Wizard’s First Rule (Book 1 in the Sword of Truth series) – Terry Goodkind
  5. The Mediterranean Caper – Clive Cussler 
  6. Master and Commander – Patrick O’Brian
  7. A Wrinkle In Time –  Madeleine L’Engle