Words and phrases that need to go away.

Literally. Here is an example: “I was so mad my head literally exploded!” No. Your head did not literally explode. If it had literally exploded, we would not have to listen to you abuse and destroy the English language. Do us all a favor and literally stop talking. Forever.



I could care less. If you can care less, then that means you actually care for, at least a little, whatever it is that you are talking about. Let me provide you with a very simple visual representation of what you are saying and what you should be saying. We will look at “I could care less” first:


What you should say in this situation is “I could not care less” about soccer. Let’s go to the chart!


Just Kidding. Example: You unknowingly say something incorrect and someone corrects you. You respond by saying “Just kidding!” Demonstration:


You are not kidding. You are wrong. Don’t try to cute your way out of it. Girls/women can get away with this at times, but if a man ever uses this phrase they need to be mocked…mercilessly…often.


Hump Day. Wednesday is also known as Hump Day. Stop and think about that for just a second. Hump Day. Hump Day? And people say that like it’s a good thing! How is it possible for a day that is called Hump to be good? It’s not. The word hump brings all sorts of unpleasant and unsavory images to mind. Why would we intentionally equate the middle day of the work-week with anything unpleasant?


6 thoughts on “Words and phrases that need to go away.

  1. I figuratively laughed my head off! Even though I couldn’t care less about Hump Day, I am not quite understanding your view on the last phrase. Just kidding!

  2. Very interesting son! When do you have time to think up this stuff and draw those graphs? Food for thought. Oh! Is that something else we should not say?

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