Rant of the Day: The “Reply to All” email

I work for the State of Tennessee.  I work in the Disability Determination Section.  There are Disability offices all over the country.  Well, today we all received a test email from a particular office to see if they had everyone on their email list.  It worked and they specifically stated to disregard the message.  Of course that is not what happened though.  People from all over the country began to reply to the test message.  At first, it was those clueless souls that honestly don’t realize that they are not supposed to press the “Reply to All” button.  They responded with questions like, “What is this about?” and “Is this for me?”  This is the cream of the crop right there…

After about 20  or 30 of those types of messages, the “comedians” started getting involved.  These are those people who think they are God’s gift to comedy yet for some strange reason no one else in the world sees it.  These class clowns started pressing the “Reply to All” button and sending little shout outs to all their friends and everyone one else in the DDS family.  The rest of us were not amused.  Not in the least.  30+ of these messages poured in to my email account in the matter of seconds…and then the fun really started.

The final group of “Reply to All” button pushers takes this whole situation to a new, previously unexplored level.  These are the best of the best, the top of the food chain, the genius level thinkers.  These people understand the situation and they know exactly how to fix things:  By sending an email to thousands of DDS employees to stop hitting the “Reply All” button when they respond to the Test Message.  They send this email by hitting the “Reply to All” button.  I’m choking on the irony.  Here are a few of their informative and helpful messages:

The Angry and Serious Response:

Stop responding to this. It’s sending messages to several THOUSAND people all over the US. They sent a test message to a blanket of DHS sites including the lists of all their employees. It was just a test. Please stop trying to be clever. Try to be professional and stop filling thousands of people’s inboxes with repeated replies.

The Unhelpful Helpful Response:

Please do not hit reply ALL (just reply to *****if you wish) with your comments. They are clogging every one’s in box.

Thank you,

The DICtionary Definition Response:

Disregard definition:  to pay no attention to :  treat as unworthy of regard or notice

And my favorite, The I’m a Total Moron Response:

I think my head just asploded.

I”m going to start using that word: Asploded.  I don’t really know what it means but it has to be something totally awesome.  In conclusion, when you get an email that is sent to hundreds, thousands, or even just a handful of people, don’t hit the “Reply to All” button unless the all in “ALL” really need to get your input.


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