7 Reasons Fridays are the coolest.

Even thought it is Friday the 13th, nothing, not even that superstitious numerical connection can dampen my spirit. Fridays are the best. Friday is the day that just about everyone looks forward to. So, in honor of this great day, I am going to list 7 reasons why I love Fridays. Just so you know, these aren’t universal, but some of them might apply to you as well. (Why 7? No reason other than it is the number that represents perfection.)

  1.  It’s the last day of the work week.
  2.  It’s the start of the weekend.
  3.  You never hear anyone at work say, “It looks like someone has a case of the Fridays.”
  4.  The very word, Friday, sounds much cooler than stupid Thursday. How lame does Thursday sound anyway?
  5.  New movies come out on Fridays.
  6.  You never hear anyone say, “Thank God it’s Monday!” On the other hand, you do hear people say, “Thank God it’s not Monday!”
  7.  When I hear the word Friday it makes me think of fried food, Fry from Futurama, and Robinson Crusoe’s friend and helper. All of those things, taken on their own, are pretty cool. Taken together they form a trifecta of awesomeness. Or should I say, “Frifecta”? Yes. Yes I should.

Why do you love Fridays? Or, why do you hate Fridays? Feel free to comment below.


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Fridays are the coolest.

  1. I love Friday because it comes every week.
    I love Friday because it’s followed closely by Saturday.
    I love Friday because it rhymes with Pie Day.

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