Music Mix.

I got this idea from a message board I frequent.  Basically, you take your MP3 player and you put it on shuffle and then list the first ten songs that appear.  No cheating.  No skipping.  Just list the songs that appear.  It’s very simple but it’s kind of cool to see what other people have on their MP3 players.  Here is my list for today:

  1. Paper Moon – Shout Out Louds (Work)
  2. A Different Drum – Peter Gabriel (Passion)
  3. Unless God Appears First – The Elms (The Great American Midrange)
  4. This Kind of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart – Hammock (Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow)
  5. Ara batur – Sigur Ros (Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust)
  6. Umbrella – Rihanna (Good Girl Gone Bad)
  7. Greet Death – Explosions in the Sky (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever)
  8. She’s Alright – The Choir (Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen)
  9. Truman Sleeps – Philip Glass (The Truman Show Soundtrack)
  10. One Month Off – Bloc Party (Intimacy)

Now, it is your turn.  Post your music mix in the comments section.


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