Right here and now…It means everything.

I have three kids.  All boys and all 7 years old or younger.  Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.  I mean it!  I wasn’t being sarcastic.  It is really great.  They make me laugh.  They make me smile.  A lot.  They make me strive to be more patient, more loving, more consistent, more disciplined, and most importantly, more aware of the importance of just “being there” for them. 

It’s easy as a parent to look back on their younger days when they were just cute little babies, or curious toddlers.  It’s also easy to look forward to the day when they will be more independent and not need my near constant supervision.  I think most parents struggle with this.  We are nostalgic for the past and longing for the future, and we can completely miss the amazing things that are happening in the present.  I don’t want to miss what my kids are doing today just so I can relive what happened two years ago or dream about what will happen 5 years from now.  That is unfair to me and it is certainly unfair to them. 

I am here for them right now…and it does mean everything.


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