Post Monday Rant

Sorry this is late.  Last night I was watching the CBS comedy, Rules of Engagement, a show I mildly enjoy because of Patrick Warburton and to a lesser degree, Oliver Hudson.  Last night’s episode really bothered me and I decided I would use it as my Rant of the week.

Here is the deal:  In this episode Warburton’s character Jeff and his wife Audrey (played by sitcom veteran Megyn Price) have a little situation.  Jeff was supposed to be going to Atlantic City for a bachelor party.  Audrey was supposed to be home with an elderly aunt.  I will simplify the rest:  Jeff goes to Atlantic City.  Audrey finds out that the wedding got called off which means the bachelor party got called off but Jeff decided to go anyway because he didn’t want to be home with the aunt.  She realizes that Jeff is lying to her and she decides to ruin his weekend by pretending that she doesn’t know that he is lying.  On her end, the aunt decides not to come over so she and a friend go to a spa for the weekend.  So, the entire show, she is lying to Jeff about how hard things are at home with the aunt, while he is lying to her about what he is doing at the bachelor party.  At some point, early on, they both realize that the other one is lying but they continue to play this deceptive game.  It’s all played for laughs, of course, but the implications are damning, to say the least.  Not once does either of these characters finally admit the truth.  The go to great lengths to keep up the various deceptions.  Even when they are home together they continue to lie to one another because they are in too deep to do anything else. 

This entire scenario is played for laughs.  It is supposed to be funny.  But in reality, it is just sad.  One lie, no matter how small, can ruin the trust that someone has in you.  Marriage is built on trust, yet if you to examine most of the examples that movies or TV shows have to offer you will see one thing:  These people do not trust each other.  It’s a sad reflection of our society.  It’s no wonder couples fall apart so easily.  If you can’t trust the person you are with, how in the world are you going to be able to truly love that person?  These small, seemingly innocent lies will eventually lead to something much more dangerous and much more destructive.


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