Someone close to someone very close to me passed away last night after suffering a heart attack.  This person was 53.  I don’t pretend to understand why this sort of thing is allowed to happen.  Intellectually I get it…sort of.  We live in a fallen world – a world that we (humanity) corrupted.  I know this but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept when someone you care for dies.  This tragedy affects many people I love and it will take a life time to deal with the grief.  Those of us that are on the outside so to speak can do but one thing: Pray.  Pray because the rest of our efforts are useless in comparison.  Pray because we need to tell God what we are thinking, for our sake.  Pray because that is what is expected of us. 

Many still mourn and many still weep
For those that the love who have fallen asleep
But we have this hope though our hearts may still ache
Just one shout from above and they all will awake
And in the reunion of joy we will see
Death will be swallowed in sweet victory

When the last enemy is done from the dust will come a song
Those asleep will be awakened – not a one will be forsakened
He shall wipe away our tears – He will steal away our fears
There will be no sad tomorrow – there will be no pain and sorrow                                                                                                     

(Graverobber – Petra (Bob Hartman)


2 thoughts on “Prayer.

  1. Just being a friend is always very helpful. You and Amy have done a great job at that for me since my mom died. Other people have been awesome as well. Other than prayer, the best thing you can do for a hurting friend is to be there for them. I don’t mean just physically. Sometimes the best you can do is communicating via phone, letters, or internet.

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