Monday Rant

People who love their pets too much.

If I had the time I could write about this forever, but I don’t have the time so I will just say a few things.  I have noticed a trend for the past few years of people becoming more and more enamored with their pets.  It’s disturbing on a variety of levels, but mostly it just annoys me.  I hear people talk about their pets as if they are members of the family.  My wife was given parenting advice by someone who did not have children but was basing all of their wisdom on their experience in raising two cats.  News Flash:  Cats do not equal babies.  Not in this world and not anywhere else.  I used to love dogs.  My family had a few dogs while I was growing up and I really did care for them.  But they were always just animals…pets.  Sadly, the way many pet owners treat their animals has turned me into an animal hater.  Why has it gotten to this point?  I don’t know but it really gets under my skin.


3 thoughts on “Monday Rant

  1. Last Sunday in Children’s Church, a girl was telling me how her dog just died. Then she asked me, “Will my pet go to heaven?” Awkward.

  2. No, I told her, “Even now your pathetic little dog is burning in hell! Burning, I say, forever he will burn in the eternal lake of fire! Mwahahaha!”

    Actually, I just told her, “He might be in heaven. I’m not sure.”

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