Faith, Hope, and Pop Music

I’m going to jump right in to my lyrical analysis of a recent pop hit.  The song in question this week is Rihanna’s masterpiece – Umbrella.  I could go line by line, or even word by word in a thorough and exhaustive examination of the sage wisdom that is found in this song, but I want to finish this project sometime this week.  Instead I am going to focus on a few of the more amazing and thematically rich lyrical compositions found in this goldmine of truth.

Verse 1:

You have my heart
And we’ll never be worlds apart
Maybe in magazines
But you’ll still be my star

Unconditional love.  That is what Rihanna is all about.  She doesn’t care what the tabloids say about her and her lover – he will always be her star.  Literally, they might be worlds apart – but never in her heart.  The gossips of the world might have her and her lover apart, but she knows the truth.  And she offers him her umbrella as proof.  And honestly, what says love like the offer of an umbrella when it’s raining?  Nothing.  That’s what.

Verse 2:

Baby, cause in the dark
You can’t see shiny cars
And that’s when you need me there
With you I’ll always share

I have to admit, this verse almost lost me.  Who is this guy that he has trouble seeing shiny cars in the dark?  Does he have some sort of vision problems?  A medical condition that makes it difficult to see shiny objects in the dark?  Well, clearly he does have a problem, but as long as he has Rihanna with him he will be ok.  If a shiny car is about to hit him one night, she will be there by his side to yell “Watch Out!  Shiny car!”  That is when he will need her.  Not when a loved one dies.  Not when he loses a job.  Not when he is diagnosed with cancer.  As we all know, the most important and life changing event any human being can go through is the imminent approach of a shiny car in the dark.  We all need a Rihanna in our lives to get through that.  Don’t we?

The rest of the song doesn’t quite hit the highs of the first two verses, but there are plenty of other great ideas expressed in this song.  Do yourself a favor and listen to it again.  This time with fresh ears ready to truly hear what this singular artist is communicating to us.  It will change your life for the better.


2 thoughts on “Faith, Hope, and Pop Music

  1. I gave this post one star about an hour or so ago because I hadn’t read it yet. However, now that I have I would give it a hundred million zillion. It changed my life forever.

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