Raven’s Ladder Contest

Jeffery Overstreet has a contest running over at Looking Closer.  Pick three characters from either Auralia’s Colors or Cyndere’s Midnight and find the perfect actor for that role.  Well, I have decided to lend my expertise to this challenge.  I am going to be picking characters from Cyndere’s Midnight.  We will start with one of the leads of the book – Jordam the Beastman.  I loved this character and the actor that portrays Jordam has their work cut out for them.  He is sympathetic and horrible at the same time.  He is my favorite character of any book that I read in 2009.  Really.  He is that good.  So clearly, finding the right actor for this role is not easy.  He needs to be able to convey much with his eyes and with his voice since his face will be somewhat obscured by makeup and prosthetics – at least I am assuming that Jeffrey would want to go more traditional in the creation of his characters.  Also, you would need to find an actor that is physically imposing and threatening.  Not some 5 foot nothing pretty boy.  I would want Jordam to be big and burly.  I have tossed a few actors around in my brain and I keep coming back to one name.  This actor has been primarily a character actor, finding smaller supporting roles in many well known films.  He is 6’3″.  He has great control of his voice.  He has the ability to convey a lot with just his eyes – and that is key.  My pick for Jordam the Beastman is Liev Schreiber.

Next, I chose the actor that would portray Emeriene – Cyndere’s best friend.  While Overstreet never gives us a definitive age for his characters, I always viewed both Cyndere and Emeriene as fairly young.  Possibly early 20’s.  I wanted to chose someone that was beautiful yet with an air of sadness around them.  The actress I chose impressed me with her debut performance and she has grown into a captivating and talented actress who needs to be in many more films.  I have chosen Rachel Hurd-Wood to portray Emeriene.

And finally I saved the final spot for Cal-raven.  This one was tough.  You need someone that is handsome, intelligent, and charismatic.  He needs to be someone that you could see people following.  There are many young actors out there that could do a good job in this role but good is not good enough.  This story demands that we find someone that would completely become that character.  Someone noble, honest, determined.  Someone that women want to be with and men want to be.  The actor I finally settled on has been criminally underused for much of his career.  He is a little older than I envisioned Cal-raven to be but he has a young face so I think he would work just fine.  My choice for Cal-raven is James Marsden.

Well, there you have it.  I fully realize that many people – Jeffrey included are going to disagree with my choices.  Everyone sees things differently.  I hope that my choices are well explained though and that people can at least respect that.


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