104.5 The Zone – 3 Hour Lunch

The Zone has introduced a new lunch hour show (12-3) to give the station even more local programming.  It replaces the Jim Rome Show (aka The Jungle).  I have no access to ratings but I have a feeling that this move will be successful.  Jim Rome has many fans, but he also has many detractors and perhaps the Nashville market is better suited to have it’s own people discussing the sports that are of interest to the locals.  I have listened to the new show every day that it has been on the air.  (It premiered on January 25th. )  The hosts are Brent Dougherty (former host of Overtime), Clay Travis (of Fanhouse fame), and Blaine Bishop (former Titan’s safety). 

Is the show any good?

Yes.  It’s fun, fast paced, and interesting.  They cover a wide range of topics but always keep the focus on issues that are most interesting to the Nashville market.  They have scored a few great interviews – the main being their interview with New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams which has been used on just about every sports network or website since the interview finished. 

Will this show last?

I think it will.  The guys seem to work well together, even though you do get the feeling that Brent and Blaine want to put a muzzle on Clay every now and then.  Clay can be funny and interesting, but he can also say some pretty inflammatory things.  As long as they can coexist they will be fine.

Are there any negatives involved with the new show?

Only one, as far as I’m concerned:  They had to do away with Overtime to get Brent on this new show.  Overtime was great radio.  It was my favorite sports radio show ever.  Mickey Ryan – Brent’s co-host was/is/and always will be the funniest man on the radio.  You could tell they got along great and their chemistry was awesome.  I miss that show even though the new show is good.  If they could bring in Mickey from time to time to do some guest commenting then the new show would be nearly perfect.


Give it a listen.  It’s a good show and for my money, it’s probably the best show they have on the air at this time.

Go to 104.5 The Zone to listen online.

P.S. Corn Nuggets!


One thought on “104.5 The Zone – 3 Hour Lunch

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