Darren McFarland Update

From a press release:

“Darren has been a valued member of the Sports Zone for many years and the decision to part ways was not an easy one,” WGFX general manager Hunter Rice said in a statement. “We appreciate everything Darren has done during his time on the Zone and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”

So, it seems like it was all financially motivated, which seems weird considering they kept all the other shows intact.  Why Darren?  Why not get rid of other local programming and keep him on since that is the cornerstone show of the station?  Not that I want that but I am just trying to understand their reasoning.


2 thoughts on “Darren McFarland Update

  1. It would be understandable to say Darren was cut for budget reasons if 104.5 ran ESPN programming in the time slots Darren was on. But unless Brent, Chad, Jonathan, Blaine, and all the rest are working for free, something doesnt add up with the budget cuts line. Just my 2 cents!!

    • True. I have considered that. I wonder if Darren was making quite a bit since he had been with the station and on the number one show for such a long time. Those other guys are all fairly new and probably don’t make the kind of money that Darren was making.

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