Learning to Love at Chuck E. Cheese.

  I hate Chuck E. Cheese.  Hate is not a strong enough word.  I loathe it in totality.  It is a loud, unpleasant, wasteful, soul sucking place that is devoid of anything remotely approaching decent, let alone good.  It attracts the loudest, most unpleasant, most wasteful, soulless people in the world.  They come in throngs, like Uruk Hai on their way to Helm’s Deep.  The patrons coalesce to form a massive, grotesque new organism that heats up the room and fouls the air with its presence.  It is a destination I would not wish upon my worst enemy. 

 Yet I am worse.  I am proud.  I am arrogant.  I am full of disdain.  I do not love like I should.  Jesus said to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and if I believe that to be true then I am not measuring up.  No.  Scratch that.  I am face first, firmly on the ground.  I haven’t even started the process of measuring up.  I’ve known for some time that I am not a people person, and I joke about it regularly.  “I don’t like people” has escaped my lips many times.  It’s all said in jest, of course, but deep down a part of me knows that it is true.  Pathetically true.  I am a Pharisee.  I am convinced of my own worth and abilities and I am blind to the valuable human life right next to me.  It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but inside, God created that annoying person playing Skee Ball in His image.  That person is worth as much to God as I am.  God loves them enough that He died for them.  And I look at them like they are a waste of my time and energy!  Sad.

 If I am going to learn how to truly love my neighbor, then more visits to Chuck E. Cheese are in order.  If I can love people there, I can love them anywhere.



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