George Plaster and Darren McFarland are Clueless. (Part Two)

  It’s just a minor thing…really…I don’t want to seem like I hate these guys or even dislike them.  I’m sure they are nice men who would be gracious and kind if I ever met them.  But I have to speak the truth and sometimes it’s not pretty and feelings can get hurt. 

 Recently Plaster and M.C. Farland were discussing the Titans and the players that would be gone at the end of the season.  Now, in this case, they could be right but I have my doubts.  Every single name they read on this list was immediately labeled as “GONE”.  No chance of resigning any of those players.  Players liked KVB, Bulluck, Scaife, White, Young, etc…  The list goes on and on.  Believe me when I say that many of these players will not be back next year, but their reasoning was that the Titans would not be able to afford any of them. 

 Let’s analyze that thinking for a second:  If they don’t resign any of those players then they will be seriously under the salary cap.  Fisher and Reinfeldt have built this team to remain stable from year to year and not overspend and get into “cap hell” like previous general manager Floyd Reese did.  They have been and will be under the cap when the off-season starts.  They will be able to resign some of these players – not all of them – but some of them.  There is no reason they can’t resign a few of them that they feel will contribute in the future. 

 I sort of get what Plaster and Darren were trying to do.  They were trying to show that the Titans’ future is very much up in the air – and they are right.  But they were so adamant, so sure of themselves, and knowing their track record of being wrong 90% of the time, I am forced to disagree.  It’s a matter of principle at this point.


3 thoughts on “George Plaster and Darren McFarland are Clueless. (Part Two)

  1. Could not agree with you more. BTW, now that Darren is gone from the Zone , what do you think happened. it could be a story.

    I always thought DM was an interesting(for lack of a better word) hire. He was laid back, docile, and in the same mold as Willie- just not as intelligent. GP, I believe, does not want anyone in the booth to challenge his authority because the last person to do this, blake Fulton, almost pulled off a coup at 99.7. GP is jokingly referred to as “The Director” and it is by the slimmest margins this is actually a joke. The guy enjoys power and wields it well at 104.5.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I don’t know what happened with Darren – I have contacted some people at the station but no real answers yet.

    Did it seem like Darren had challenged George on the show? I never got that impression. Usually they would unite against Willie on any debatable issue.

  3. well that was my point . after blake fulton challenged george to some degree, then it is my belief that someone with darren’s personality was hired.

    Willy has always played the foil for george. darren seems like a nice enough guy but i just did not hear “radio personality” in his voice. i could understand if he were extremely knowledgable about all sports, but in my opinion he was limited to – The clevland indians, kentucky basketball, pittsburgh steelers, and cleveland browns. His knowledge of most other sports and teams was just about as much as the guy next to you at a sports bar- average. I hope it all works out for him. You keep writing Mr. Lytle. You have talent and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. i will look forward to more blog entries.

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