Big Salad Credit Stealers

  If you’ve seen the Seinfeld episode where George’s girlfriend takes credit for the big salad that George bought for Elaine, then you will understand the title of this post and what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t seen that episode, do us all a favor and go away – until you have seen it. (SMILEY FACE)

 Well, my wife has been the victim of this recently.  She decided to post one word on her Facebook page that she was thankful for from now until Thanksgiving.  Things like plumbing and electricity are good examples of what she is doing.  Well, a few of her friends saw it and copied it onto their pages – giving her credit.  But not so for one so called friend.  She has taken the idea and posted it on her Facebook page as if it were her idea.  Now, some of her friends are copying her – and giving her credit for an awesome idea – and she has not said anything to give proper credit back to my wife.  My wife is not really bothered by it but I am vexed.  This vexes me.  This is plagiarism and she would fail a college course and be kicked out of many colleges for this type of behavior.  Shame on her!  She should know better – she does know better.  I have no other recourse but to rant and rage here on my blog.  I would post a comment on Facebook but I don’t have an account and I have no plans to get one.  And my wife is way too classy to do something like that. 

 Sometimes the bad guys do win the battle…but eventually they will get their comeuppance.



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