5 Things I’m Digging Today

In no particular order:

  1. Season 5 of Lost.  I can’t wait until next Wednesday!
  2. Fajitas.  I can’t seem to get enough of this stuff.
  3. Weekends.  It’s Friday and I really love my weekends.  I get to spend time with my family which is much too rare during the week.
  4. My Mom.  Mother’s Day is coming on Sunday and I am so lucky to have the best mom in the world.  Really.  Don’t argue with me.  She is the best.
  5. Ceiling fans.  We haven’t had to run our air conditioner or heater in over 3 weeks.  We just open our windows and use our ceiling fans which are conveniently placed in almost every room in our house.  It’s wonderful!

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